Ronin Genetics

Ronin Genetics

Ronin GeneticsRonin GeneticsRonin Genetics

An independent molecular genetics lab

established as non-profit in 2005 any questions, contact tarandall at

“night science”: a stumbling, wandering exploration
of the natural world that relies on intuition as much as it does on the cold, orderly logic of “day science.” In today’s vastly expanded scientific enterprise, obsessed with impact factors and competition, we will need much more night science to unveil the many mysteries that remain about the workings of organisms.
Francois Jacob, Science 332: 767 

Find a recent publication from Ronin Genetics "Genomic Sequencing to Identify 

Potentially Causative Mutation(s) of Neurospora crassa col-4 at doi: 10.1128/MRA.01009-19

See Recent Triangle DIY Biology events at Meet local DIY Biologists at the SplatSpace weekly Open meetings every Tuesday at 7 PM. Directions here. These meetings are open to anybody.

Every Saturday from 1-4 PM, visit us at the Rad Lab in the Re-use Arts District Directions here.  
Interview with Ernie Hood of Radio In vivo

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